The basic qualities to be a good translator

A widely believed when he speaks of the translators is to affirm that the only quality required to exercise that profession is the knowledge of the languages of origin and destination. It is obvious: the translators have to possess comprehensive competitiveness in the languages with which they work. But not only that.

Research capacity is vital in technical translations, as which they perform in Montero translations, and, of course, learn to interpret the text to translate. In fields as technical translation, Furthermore, requires an extensive knowledge of the terminology used in a certain sector, so a good technical translator must also be a specialist translator, which you shaking pulse at the time of faced with neologisms that continually arise. Think of the medicine and its numerous specialties, for example, or in the technology sector.

Another quality of a good translator is to have a great writing skills, knowing how to write correctly in the language which translates, both spelling and grammar. In addition, it is a bridge between cultures, so it is essential to know the culture of the language that translates. All of them, together, will not only make the person a good translator, but a great translator.